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Window Suspected of Stealing Heat and A/C

For fast RELEASE

LOS ANGELES, February 8, 2016 - Inspector Jonathan West is tracking a number of robberies in the Oc and Inland Empire areas, where homeowners have fallen victim to heat loss using their homes this winter season. These thefts mirror a number of losses of air conditioning inside the same region during the summer season, and authorities suspect the thefts are seasonal.

Home Inspector

Inspector West claims Mr. Payne Window is to blame for much of the local heat robbery. Windows getting old and weak, but that actually fuels his crime spree, Inspector West charges. These homeowners hit by old Window feel it directly in their wallets. They just cant keep heat safely indoors when hes lurking around.

Local homeowners are frustrated too. The John Smith of Chino Hills states that Mr. Window has hit his house every season since he bought his home: Were losing a lot air our bills are through the roof. Its worsens annually.

Home Inspector

Within an interesting twist, Inspector West isnt directly chasing Mr. Window to resolve the crimes. Instead, hes searching for his double.

Catching a single Payne Window doesnt help whatsoever. No one actually wants him around. What we need to do is locate his mate, his twin brother. When pressed for details about Windows sibling, West explained how the best way to help keep valuable heat located in homes is by using Payne Windows double.

Double Payne Window, and youve got the reply to everything. He proceeded to describe that although his crimes are many, single Payne Window is simply old and lonely. Having a partner, he performs greater and will allow homeowners to prevent being concerned about heat and A/C losses.

When asked how residents can safeguard themselves, Inspector West had this advice: You must be willing to stop Payne Windows single life. Help him. Find him somebody to double on top of, and youll solve the issue.

For those unsure if theyre victims of a still-single Payne Window, Inspector West is much more than pleased to have a look at their properties for signs of trouble. Inspecting houses is exactly what I actually do, he declared. If theres a problem, I will think it is that assist homeowners using the advice they have to fix any issues - whether its about Window or other house crimes.

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